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Walkersville Veterinary Clinic: Est. 1969

We have proudly offered our services to Frederick and surrounding counties for over 45 years.  From our modest beginnings as a single doctor, three-room practice, we have developed into a staff of 12 with thousands of wonderful clients.

Dr. Allen Garst and his wife, Emily, opened Walkersville Veterinary Clinic in June, 1969. Converted from what was originally a chicken house, the clinic consisted of three rooms.  Prior to providing our clinic a home, the property on the corner of Glade Road and Woodsboro Pike served as a private residence and a grain mill.  One of the millstones still rests on the corner of the original clinic building on Glade Road.

By 1977, the practice had expanded to the point that a new hospital was no longer a dream, but a necessity.  Despite the county’s initial declaration that “You can’t build a vet clinic there!” construction began within the year.  Trees were cleared, gigantic rocks were removed, and the foundation was dug on the Iron Stone Ridge.  The basement was constructed with ten-foot ceilings to accommodate a large animal surgery suite.  The small animal clinic was complete with surgery, exam rooms, radiology, and animal housing.  Decorating, painting, staining, and moving were all done by family, friends, and staff.

In 1993 Dr. Tuck joined the practice, and in 1997 he became Dr. Garst's first business partner.  While still providing service to many dairies in Frederick County, the practice steadily increased the equine and small animal patients service provided.   Further growth and demand for small animal appointments increased, and we were fortunate to add Dr. Griffiths to the staff in 2003.  Continued growth, and Dr. Garst's desire to cut back after 40 years of providing veterinary care, facilitated Dr. Griffiths becoming co-owner in 2006 and the addition of Dr. Brokaw as an associate in 2008. We were pleased to add Dr. De Meo to our staff in 2014, and Dr. Breakell in 2018.

Over the years we have been most fortunate to have smart, kind, and capable support staff.  Our clerical and veterinary assistants are integral to our ability to provide high quality care for our patients.  A majority of our current support staff has been with us for over 15 years!

With the help of so many great veterinarians, staff, friends, and clients, our practice has prospered and evolved to serve the ever-changing needs of our community.  This is a dynamic profession and region, and we are proud to have been a part of it for so many years.